Kongre Tarihi :16-21 Haziran 2019
Kongre Yeri :Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Management, İstanbul YOL TARİFİ

Davet Metni

We are very pleased and honored to host the 25th International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM 2019) at Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, in June 2019.
Istanbul Technical University, one of the leading universities of Turkey with a history stretching back to 1773, provides education in a modern educational setting and has a strong academic staff. It is in the heart of Istanbul and located very near the Bosporus strait through which the city’s heart runs. The campus is easily accessible by public transportation and has its own guesthouse.
Turkey offers some of the world’s most important archaeological sites and historical monuments, vast and varied activities, welcoming Turkish hospitality and a delicious and assorted national cuisine. Istanbul, the meeting point of cultures and civilizations and the capital of empires, is the only city in the world straddling both Europe and Asia. With historic streets, architectural masterpieces of old empires, exciting arts scenes, panoramic vistas, and mystical beauties; Istanbul, the Capital of Culture in 2010, is truly a city that never sleeps.
İstanbul’da görüşmek üzere! (See you in Istanbul!)
Y. Ilker Topcu
Conference Chair; Professor of Decision Sciences, Istanbul Technical University